Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making a sole at a time!

We at Nebo Credit Union wear the badge of service...and we wear it proudly!  We carry a tradition of promoting good, and encouraging responsible corporate behavior.  In keeping with that tradition we annually participate in a program called Warm the Soles.

From the subtle play on words you may have gathered that Warm the Soles has something to do with shoes.  It certainly does!  The program provides shoes to children in need.  Each year, credit union members may defer loan payments in the months of November and December by donating $40 to our Warm the Soles fund.  Others contribute simply to promote a good cause.  We work with local schools to determine children who are in need of shoes, then utilize the funds donated by our members to purchase shoes; any shortfall of covering the cost of the shoes with donated funds is made up by the credit union.   Students from local high schools even volunteer their time to individually wrap the shoes. The shoes are then delivered to the respective schools for distribution to the children.  It is a wonderful program which blesses the lives of all involved--givers and receivers alike.

So may I say "Thank You" to all who have contributed to this worthy cause.  From our 2011 participation in the program we collectively helped to provide 381 pairs of shoes to students in need, impacting students in 39 schools.  The results of this program is just one of the many advantages of the cooperative spirit inherent in credit unions.  As members of Nebo Credit Union we are all better off because we work together through our cooperative effort to promote the greater good.

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