Friday, July 1, 2011

It Takes a Village!

A few years ago I thought I had raising children figured out, then something children became teenagers. I noticed that they began listening less to me and more to others. At that time I realized how important the influence of others on my children was becoming... and how I hoped that those influences were good and positive. I came to understand more fully the saying "It takes a village to raise a child". I realize that as a parent I don't stand alone. There are wonderful people who influence and teach my children: from coaches, teachers, neighbors, good friends, employers, ecclesiastical leaders, the list goes on and on. Each has their influence and makes a difference.

As I go through life I realize more and more that "it takes a village" to get through life! We are all interdependent on each other. This thought was powerfully illustrated to me the other day when I was watching a show where a man in attempting to climb Mount Everest got altitude sickness.  He became comatose and was left for dead by his hiking party to be picked up later by a rescue team. Miraculously he came out of his comma, but awakened all alone on the mountain without his gear and supplies. He was in the advanced stages of hypothermia and was delirious when a last group of hikers came upon him. This last group of hikers forced the man down the mountain and in the process saved his life.  The man lived through the experience because and ONLY BECAUSE of others who came to his rescue and helped him down the mountain.

Similarly, Nebo Credit Union operates with the same principles of community and interdependence. Members pool their money and loan it back to each other. As employees we are dependent on member support for our jobs.  Members are dependent on the credit union and credit union employees to service their financial needs.  As a credit union we are focused on service, both to members and service to our community at-large.  At Nebo Credit Union this is what we are about and this service and sense of community is what helps make what we do meaningful.

I have worked in the credit union industry for over 20 years and during that time I have come to appreciate this sense of community and the strength that comes when we pool our interests and work together for a common good. We are all inter-dependent on each other, so as the saying goes: Making Our Way Through Life Takes a Village!